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KinderApp - My First Words

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*** The #1 bestseller app in education and kids games in the German App Store - now available on Android. Highly recommended by the press (,, and many more) ***KinderApp is an app designed for toddlers. Kids get to know the name of important objects from their immediate environment at home, in an interactive and fun way in 3 languages (EN, DE, HU).
Two levels of gameplay entertains and teaches through various ages!
• Level 1, if the toddler touches an object you can hear the name of the object with excellent quality and pronunciation.• Level 2, the toddler is asked to find a certain object and gets fun, positive feedback from colorful balloons in return.• There is also an extra surprise, if all objects are found in a room!
Nicely drawn pictures and animations, beautiful colors.
• Pictures are nicely drawn with brilliant colors and contours in order to ensure easy recognition for your children.• The "praise" animations are fun and good for your little one's confidence.
Professional speakers entertain in 3 different languages.
• Easy to understand speakers, who are professionals from Radio and TV.• Native speakers from both the United States and the United Kingdom.• The languages English (UK/US), German and Hungarian can easily be changed, making this App useful for language learning purposes as well.
Play and learn. Kids get in contact with the digital world ever so early, and therefore it is very important to offer them high quality apps. With KinderApp, our kids will have fun and learn at the same time!“
What the media says about KinderApp:
“Playful learning made easy. Without doubt one of the best Apps for kids.” Download WeWantApps! for FREE on the App Store and discover other great kids’ Apps such as "Kinderapp" now!
"KinderApp is an incredibly delightful way to learn simple home-centered vocabulary in three different languages (English, German, Hungarian)."5 out of 5 Apples, Jennifer Bogart,
“Burton loves this app ... I have even heard him repeating the words back out loud which for a child who prefers to communicate through non verbal methods ie. his own made up sign language!, is brilliant!"Jenny Paulin, Mummy Blogger
More information (incl. video trailer) on the KinderApp website and Facebook: